Priority Intuitive Reading - Email

$4500 USD

Can't wait for a spot on my schedule?

Register for a 2-day priority email reading! 

When will I get my session? Within 2 business days.
How will I get my session? You will receive a secure link to an audio session via email. 
How long will my session be available? Sessions are online for 30 days.

Soul Deep Intuitive Readings by a professional with 15 years of experience

Let’s start with this: it’s not a scam. I don’t predict lottery numbers or give wishy washy guidance that could be true for anyone…

What I have is a really uncanny gift to sense what’s causing trouble. When I tune into your energy, it feels like the book of your life opens up before me at the page where the plot twist is revealed: you ask your question and I get the answer.

I can also sense the divergence between where you are and where you want to be. From there, it’s pretty easy to get you back on track.

This gift helped me find happiness in everyday life while connecting to the deeper meaning of my spiritual journey.  That’s why I offer it to others as well.

Register for a session, tell me where you feel stuck or confused and soak in  the soul-deep intuitive insights I receive about your situation. I provide an audio recording so you can’t listen to it anytime.

What can you ask?

1) You can ask a specific question like “I worked in a dental office and I feel completely exhausted by lunch time.  What's causing this?”

2) You can describe your situation and let me find intuitive answers for you.  Sometimes, we don’t even know what’s wrong: we just feel stuck or confused.  That ok!

3) You can ask for coaching to develop your own intuitive or empath skills. Do you second guess yourself?  Are you wondering how to give more accurate readings? 

Predicting The Future

Intuitive insights cannot predict the future because nothing is set in stone. Every time you make a decision, the probabilities of the future changes.

When you’re tempted to ask about the future ( “When will this happen?”), try to rephrase your question with the underlying present concern, like “I’m worried this event won’t happen. How can I increase the chances that it will?”.