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Intuition - Amethyst

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Are you trying to hear the teeny-tiny voice of your intuition? Here's the perfect megaphone so you can get the message, loud and clear.

Sensitive people often drown in the "noise" of their surroundings.  Whether it's an apartment on a busy street or a drama loving co-worker, it's easy to get distracted away from our inner guidance.

These powerful faceted Amethysts boost your Sixth Chakra energy so you can "hear" intuitive insights more clearly, even in the chaos in every day life.

The Infinity Loop constantly amplifies crystalline energy by guiding it in a circular pattern.


  • Energy loves to flow through real Sterling Silver (not plated, not silver filled)
  • Stunning natural faceted Amethyst  (not dyed, not heated, not bonded with a filler)
  • Perfect Size: 1 3/4" x 3/4" (including bail)
  • Strong: Wire wrapped and soldered

Chain not included

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