Intuitive Reading - Email Session -

Intuitive Reading - Email Session


Need More Clarity? Register for a Spot-On Intuitive Reading by a Professional Intuitive

Describe the situation that is troubling you and I will send you an audio file with all the intuitive insights I received about your situation. 

Finely tuned by 15 years of experience, my intuitive readings provide specific solutions that resonate with you.

PS: You won’t find general, wishy washy guidance that could be about anyone’s life in my intuitive readings.  This is about YOU and you'll know right away when you listen to it.

What can you ask?

1) You can ask a specific question like “I worked in a dental office and I feel completely exhausted by lunch time.  What's causing this?”

2) You can describe your situation and let me find intuitive answers for you.  Sometimes, we don’t even know what’s wrong: we just feel stuck or confused.  That ok!

3) You can ask for coaching to develop your own intuitive or empath skills. Do you second guess yourself?  Are you wondering how to give more accurate readings? 

Or get an unlimited session and ask about everything!


When will I get my session? It takes about 2 business days.

How will I get my session? You will receive an email with a secure link to an audio file of your training session. You can listen to it anytime!

How long will my session be available? Sessions are online for 30 days, so keep that email handy in case you want to go back to it.

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