Clarity Subscription: Monthly Email

$39.00 USD

An Intuitive Insight Just For You Every Month!

Hindsight is 20/20. But a well-timed intuitive insight can help you change course BEFORE you hit that wall. Or back yourself into a corner. Or keep pursuing the wrong goal. 

What if you could get that every month? A gentle nudge in the right direction based 100% on your energy that day.

No question to ask. No story to tell. 

Just what you most need to hear right now.


  • How does it work? Your monthly subscription locks your spot on my schedule. No need to remember to schedule a session! 
  • When will I get my session? I will tune into your energy once a month and send you an email session.
  • How will I get my session? You will receive a secure link to an audio file via email. You can listen to it anytime!
  • How long will my session be available? Sessions are online for 30 days so keep that email handy to listen again!